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Partner/Reseller Program

      IT Startups - Great opportunity for those startups who were survived because of their financial terms & they can generate side income by selling our SaaS.

  • To Become a part of this programme 'No Investment Requirement', Only Concentrate on sales.
  • No need of technical skills for join this programme only determination & sales skills will increase your income.
  • No need of experience in software trade to join this programme.
  • Most Important, No need of software Engineer. Every Technical Problem will tackled by Company.

Resale our products on Your own brand name

      World class ERP Software privately whitelabeled on your company name. No need to hire high package software engineers and spend crores of rupees and years of your life developing ERP softwares. Our white label program under your brand gives you the platform to grow your agency.

      SreyahTechnologies believe that local business is best served by providers local to them who can provide that personal touch and build up good, long term relationships with clients in their area. This is why we are committed to providing a fantastic white label package to companies wanting to offer our Web or mobile app and web sites as well many other products we will be developing into the future. There is no resellers signup fee’s, contracts or expectations in any way, you sell to your clients the way you want, and we will support you in any way we can, with products, help and training as needed, why not give us a call or use our contact form for an informal chat.

      We are all in business to make a living, and hopefully enough to give us a good standard of living. This is why we are happy to provide the products to resellers, a simple to use administration tools, and of course all the support you need as a reseller.
We will soon be releasing the reseller platform and links to signup and login which we will email a secure link to anyone showing an interest, so in the meantime if you are interested in becoming a reseller or would like more information please contact us for an informal discussion of what we can offer, where we are going, and our commitment to helping you to make that income you desire.

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