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Don’t like to invest in custom. Wait check our store once and check is any application meets your requirement. Great we will make it live in short time along with huge cost cutting.

Tuition Class Management

We provide a systematic and easy solution/software, which helps you to maintain student’s records, their progress analysis, attendance and all accounting needs on one click.

Sales tracking and monitoring

We have already build sales tracking solution which includes monitor team including geo-location, distance tracking and many more also order booking and customer management added in same. It will be jackpot to industries involved in supply chain.

Supply Chain ERP

We have wide experience in supply chain ERP. On average, Sreyah Technologies clients implement ERP software in 40% less time and at 50% less cost.


We provide a platform by which students can easily updated with daily current affairs, dinvishesh, and much more.We believe that, access to good content, when combined with the power of online communities, can make learning process significantly more collaborative and engaging.